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The water market is now open for business

You now have the power to choose who supplies your business water and waste services. We will help you secure the best contract for your business through using our market insights and supplier relations. From new contracts, to bill validations through to water audits – if there are savings to be made, we will find it.
Our independent research shows that as many as one in three businesses have been previously overcharged on their business water accounts. This can all be claimed back, do you know if you have been overcharged for your water in the past 5 years? We would recommend you have an audit to check.

Where to start with your business water?


1 in 10 businesses have experienced water supply issues

FREE Water Audit

Step One

The starting point for managing your water effectively is to take a look at your current spend. Providing a 12 months of billing will highlight if there are problems with billing, usage and/or charges.

Step Two

We will look into historical charges of up to 6 years to see if there is a case to gain a rebate of any overcharges. We will also discuss a site audit with you to see if there is any potential further savings.

Step Three

If we see there are savings that could be made we will make suggestions to you of how to achieve this.

Changing water supplier

Switching water supplier is simple. If you haven’t agreed a new water contract then you are free to change over whenever you like. Since the commercial water deregulation, suppliers have had to review the service they provide to retain and gain custom. If you are not happy with your supplier or have had any previous issues, make the move and check out the offers on the market.

Benefits to changing water suppliers

-Lower bills and better value for money

-Improved customer service

-A better tailored service to suit your business needs

-Aid in becoming more water efficient

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The Water Market

Since the deregulation of the energy market, many businesses enjoy competitive rates from many different suppliers. Prior to April 2017, the water market was regulated. Scotland deregulated its water in 2008 and it has introduced low prices and competitive suppliers. England deregulated the commercial water market in April 2017, allowing businesses to choose who supplies their business with water services. The deregulation has presented many benefits to switching and highlighted reasons to have an audit to check everything is in order.

If you’d like to learn more about the water market deregulation contact us and speak to one of our experts.

  • Frequently Asked Business Water Questions

When was water deregulated?

The commercial market was deregulated on 1st April 2017. This means that like Gas and Electricity, all businesses within England (not Wales) will be able to choose which company supplies their water and waste water services.

While the water wholesaler will be determined by the region, the supplier can be chosen by you. The changes came after the successful deregulation of water in Scotland in 2008.

What will happen if I do not change my supplier?

If your current supplier maintained their license to act as a supplier, then nothing will have change. They will have automatically transferred you onto their default tariff.

The default tariff is likely to be more expensive than tariff than others suppliers may be offering. Gain a free, no obligation quotes from us to see how they compare.

If your current supplier decided to exit the commercial market and you didn’t switch suppliers, your supply will have been allocated by the central market agency however you will not be in contract.

How long does the switching process take?

Based on the Scottish market, it takes on average around 28 days. This is dependent on how many sites you have. We can keep your water details on file, then we will call to let know when you can change water suppliers and which tariff will offer you the best savings.

Can I switch my business water supplier?

There are 2 factors that determine whether you can switch your business water supplier - 1) Is your company predominantly business based or domestic? 2) Where is your waterboard or water provider based?

The deregulation is now live in England and Scotland, however, if your commercial water supplier is in Wales then you cannot switch water supplier yet, unless you use a large amount of water.



Which water suppliers can I choose from?

New companies have entered  the market, many of these have a utilities background. We have found that some energy suppliers will be adding water to their list of services and others will be teaming up with regional water companies. Some regional water companies will start to operate on a national basis and some have chosen to withdraw completely - leaving those with contracts having to change water supplier immediately.

If you have not secured a water contract since April 2017 you will have automatically been put onto a default tariff with your existing water supplier should they continued to operate, bear in mind they may have changed trading name

Will I save money if I switch?

You are likely to save money, however, for the first several years of the deregulation it may not be as dramatic as you would hope. However, in time we will see increased competition and differences in prices between suppliers. The current savings in Scotland are between 10 – 25%, depending on the mark up charges, but they have been deregulated since 2008.

We have found that savings can be made and rebates can be claimed through having a water audit.

Call us today to discuss your business water requirements and we can guide you through the process of switching and undertaking a water audit.

Why switch business water supplier?

Due to having a choice of suppliers, you may benefit from:

  • improved service
  • expert advice
  • cheaper water bills
  • no negative effect on your water bill
  • tailored service 



How many water companies are there in the UK?

There are currently 25 water suppliers across the UK:

  • Affinity Water (formerly Veolia Water Central, Veolia Water East, Veolia Water Southeast)
  • Albion Water
  • Anglian water
  • Bristol Water
  • Cambridge Water
  • Cholderton & District Water
  • Dee Valley
  • Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water)
  • Essex and Suffolk Water
  • Independent Water Networks
  • Northern Ireland Water
  • Northumbrian Water
  • Portsmouth Water
  • Scottish Water
  • Severn Trent Water
  • South East Water
  • South West Water
  • Southern Water
  • Sutton and East Surry Water
  • Thames Water
  • United Utiliies Water
  • Wessex Water
  • Yorkshire Water

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